About Us

Our Committee

Olympic Avenue Kindergarten is run by an elected Management Committee made up of parents of enrolled children. Elections are held at the kindergarten’s Annual General Meeting, normally held in November. The committee members are a dedicated and enthusiastic group of people, welcoming suggestions from the parents, teachers and other stakeholders in the community to optimise the running of the kindergarten.

The kindergarten also has a very active social committee, which organises different activities throughout the year such as group coffees/dinners, a welcome and farewell barbecue each year, a footy day, a movie night, and a social/fundraising night for parents. Every second year, we also hold a mini-fair for the community and kinder families. Pennydale Park, next door to the kindergarten, is used for picnics, parties and regular informal get togethers for children and parents across the groups.

Committee Positions 2024


President Kate Kearney
Vice President David Chambers
Secretary Elise Garrubba
Treasurer Yohan Pereira
Enrolment Officer Emily Edwards
Fundraising and Events Coordinator Sinead Petropoulos
Working Bee Coordinator Jose Rodulfo
Social Coordinator Mimi Giordana
Marketing / PR / IT Officer Kane Marevich
Major Works Coordinator Matt Milburn and Daniel Keely
Grants Officer Kate Brady

Sub-committee Positions 2023

Social Sub-committee
Red Jen White
Purple Natalie Willits
Orange Andria Savva
Yellow Krystina
Fundraising Sub-committee
Red Vacant
Purple Sharon Huang
Orange Kane Marevich
Yellow Bryony Lee

Committee meeting dates

Committee meetings are held monthly at the kindergarten. All parents, as members of the association, can request an invite to attend these meetings. Please email the committee with your request and your item for the agenda.

If you are interested in joining the Management Committee, you are able to nominate for a position either before or at the Annual General Meeting, normally held in November. 

Benefits of joining the committee


  • It will help the kindergarten to keep operating efficiently
  • It will provide an opportunity for you to contribute to policies and procedures. Policies are based on legal requirements, and employer’s, staff and family beliefs about what is important in providing a service for children at the kindergarten.
  • You will have the opportunity to contribute in an effective way to making the kinder year a positive experience that enhances the development of all the children involved, including your child.
  • You will regularly hear about, and make decisions on, the day-to-day running of the kinder e.g. staff interactions with the children such as programs and special learning activities planned, expectations, behaviour guidance, indoor/outdoor play, and equipment and materials needed, etc.
  • It may help you develop or further your skills in areas such as meeting skills and procedures, fundraising, marketing, financial management and human relations.
  • You will have more of an understanding of what happens during your child’s time at kindergarten.
  • A sense of ‘belonging’ contributes to a positive year for both you and your child.


You can contact our Committee directly at officeolympicave@gmail.com