A newbie to Olympic Avenue Kindergarten, I am super excited to join the team and become a part of this lovely community.  Originally from South Africa, I lived in London UK for 14 years, where I spent some time working in a preschool before moving to Melbourne in 2011, and have been working in Early Childhood education and care for the duration.

I love seeing the excitement and enthusiasm with which children approach life, the way in which they delight in the little things, and how that, inevitably encourages us to be more appreciative.   I value the way in which children extend kindness and compassion to each other, and how humbling that is to be around.

I believe it is our duty as educators to provide high quality education and care and I am dedicated to always be striving for best outcomes for the children.  I am committed to establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships with the children and their families and to create an environment that is safe, supportive and responsive. I am intentional about creating a nurturing environment for the children: a platform from which they can more readily and confidently explore, discover, question, collaborate, negotiate and be receptive to new challenges.

Some favourite weekend activities would be to go the beach with my husband and two children, aged 8 and 6,  trying out new cafes or ice cream shops, dinner with friends, bike / scooter rides with the family or tending to my indoor plants.